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BodyBio – TUDCA


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Features & Benefits

TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid) Supplement’s Role in the Body

TUDCA is a bile acid naturally formed in the body that supports the digestion and utilization of fats and oils and demonstrates neuroprotective benefits*.

TUDCA supports digestive ability by supporting healthy fat metabolism and breakdown as well as proper nutrient absorption. It is also supportive to cellular and mitochondrial health.

However, the human body only produces small amounts of TUDCA (or tauroursodeoxycholic acid). In a healthy person, digestion re-circulates some 95% of the body’s bile salts. Poor diet, decreased liver function, and certain medications can impair this process. This is where supplementation is key.

Specifically formulated to:

  • Support digestion*
  • Support the liver*
  • Neuroprotective support*

Dose & Administration

Suggested Use : 1-2 capsules with food, unless otherwise directed by your healthcare professional.


Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, rice flour, gelatin (capsules)

Additional information

Weight 0.53 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 cm

Caution & Contradindications

WARNING: Please consult your healthcare
practitioner before use if you are pregnant,
breastfeeding, or considering use for a child.


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